At the Colorado Specialty, BEST OF OPPOSITE was awarded to Abracadabra.  The competition was tough, but Abracadabra said the magic words and pulled it off.

At the Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club show on September 26, 2010, Abracadabra received a Best in Breed on Saturday and Sunday and a GROUP 3 PLACEMENT. Both Abracadabra and Sorceress are GRAND CHAMPIONS.

At the Santa Barabra Kennel Club show on August 28, 2010, Abracadabra received a Best in Breed, followed by a GROUP 4 PLACEMENT.  At the same show, the Magic Berners received an Award of Merit for Best Breeder and Tchoum recieved an Award of Merit for Best Foreign Bred Dog.


Copperfield made his debut on June 11,12, and 13, 2010 at the dog show in Vallejo. He is 14 months. He won Best in Sweepstakes. BEST OF WINNERS was given to him on two days for two 4 point majors. Hooray for Copperfield!


In England, Sorceress went to be shown at the largest invitational show in the world – Crufts. Everyone was wonderful to us. We felt very taken care of and we appreciated everyone’s help. Sorceress rated second in the open bitch class out of 32 girls, which resulted in her winning the stud dog award. She has a permanent invitation to return to Crufts at any point and her photograph will be placed in the stud dog award book. Sorceress was the first female dog to have been living in the United States and be given a placement at Crufts. Hail to the Queen and Sorceress!