Show Results from the 2012 BMD Specialty – Gettysburg, PA

Berntier's Atlantis, at 6 months and 1 day of age, made the cut for 6-9 puppies in sweepstakes and took 3rd place in 6-9 regular classes.  His competition was 32 other 6-9 puppies.  The picture will be posted soon. Magic Berners Nothing Up My Sleeve (Zauber) received 3rd place in 6-9 puppies futurity. Magic Berners Dark Magician (Dante) received 2nd place in 6-9 puppies in futurity. Magic Berners Talisman (Amulet) received 2nd place in 6-9 bitches in futurity. Magic Berners White Magic (Voodoo) was the 7th dog to be eliminated out of a group of 42 dogs in the open [...]