Bruce and Diane obtained their first Bernese Mountain Dog in 1982 from Colchester, England. In 2000, they began showing their dogs in conformation. Also, their dogs successfully compete in obedience, draft and performance events. In 2005, Bruce and Diane decided to enhance their breeding program by bringing international blood into their line. They visited kennels in Canada, Belgium, Holland and Denmark to obtain dogs that were strong in type, temperament and health. Bruce and Diane were extremely blessed to arrive home with four new Berners. In 2007, 2009 and 2011, their quest for outstanding breeding lines took them to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, England, Ireland, Sweden, France and Norway. They saw beautiful dogs and met lovely people.

All of our dogs are family members and have their own tax ID number. Our Berners are never alone. The Berners have a choice of accompanying one of us … (usually Bruce) to his office. At Bruce’s Veterinary Hospital one of the staff is assigned to each Berner. Staff members have a relationship with their dog. They bathe, brush and walk them 2 miles daily. Playtime is always a must. Staying fit is now more fun than ever, with our new Underwater Treadmill. – Yes! Now they enjoy the luxury of a low impact exercise. This eliminates the danger of destroying precious cartilage and injuring joints. They develop muscle mass and maintain tone because of the resistance of their body movement against the water. The other Berner-kids stay at home with our three valuable employees who work days and into the night to help care for them. The family (dogs and humans) enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing and hugging.


“The Berners own our house – they graciously let us live in it.”

Bruce is a veterinarian and Diane is a psychologist and a magician. One of the Bernese Mountain Dogs is in Diane’s magic act as the “Psychic Dog.” Hence the name of the kennel is Magic Berners.

Bruce and Diane are members of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America and the Southern California Bernese Mountain Dog Club.

This website is a labor of love and is dedicated to this wonderful breed whose loyalty, sagacity and utility has endeared us to them forever.

We want to thank the many people who have helped us learn about Bernese Mountain Dogs. Special thanks to Bobbie Kinley-Blewett, Mylene Turbide, Marcia Zuger and Lisa Ebnet.  We are indebted to Karla and Bert at Van’t Rijkenspark, Christine and Fons at Van’t Pachthof, Stefan and Eva at Berntiers,  and Francoise and Frederic at du Haras de la Vergne. With out their help Magic Berners would still be a dream and not a dream come true.

Also, to Martin Cabral and Beverly Brown, our Berners’ extraordinary handlers who have expertly presented them at exhibitions.

“Our life is going to the dogs, but what a way to go!”

Bruce & Diane